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A community Christmas at Tyger Valley Centre creates job opportunities
Cape Town has a rich and colourful heritage influenced by many different cultures. This year Tyger Valley Centre in association with Udumo Designs is proud to announce its Community Christmas 2018 festive décor to celebrate the diverse cultures and communities
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Décor ideas for your Women’s Day event
Women’s Day is about celebrating more than appreciation and love for the treasured women in our lives – it is a celebration of far-reaching, social transformation.
12.07.18 08:34 PM - Comment(s)
Mastering your bedroom - how to make the space truly yours

Few would argue that, for each of us, our bedroom is equivalent to a castle: it is the most important space you possess, because it is the only one that is uniquely yours. Every other room in the house is of necessity a compromise in that it must fulfill needs involving others, whereas your bedroom ...

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Out with the old, in with the new: give your house a spring-clean look

No matter how many different designer websites and magazines you visit, you will find that all of them return to the same basic principles concerning ideas to help you turf out the old look and create an entirely new one without the cost of calling in a professional. With minor variations, here...

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