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Showing Off: Latest Trends in Event Design
If you think dealing with customers and potential customers via the great digital road is all that is necessary in the modern age, you may be sorely mistaken. No matter how tech we get, people still enjoy, in fact love, contact. Sometimes just the fact that you have arranged an event, a show, a get-...
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The trends in TV set design

Whether the requirement is for a traditional space or an ultra-modern one, TV set designs offer infinite scope for designing ingenuity – gone are the days when they looked like what they were: a TV studio. Especially the plethora of talk shows necessitates that designers are abreast with trends the ...

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The interior trends you’ll be loving in 2017

Just splurged on some marble and copper homewares? You may want to stop reading. While it seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the new year, trend forecasters and designers are already thinking well into 2017 – and there’s a big shake up of interior trends predicted.

“In Australia, our proli...

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