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Décor: wake up and smell the coffee!

San-Marié Vogel
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In the old days, the local pub was the traditional haunt for social engagement, relaxation, and entertainment. But in the last couple of decades, the rise in the popularity of coffee shops has shouldered pubs aside, replacing smoky dimness with bright and cosy intimacy. As an arena for business and employment opportunities, coffee shops are booming – and the Barista – the coffee signature designer – presents a bold new venture in careers.

Coffee has been popular for a long time, and there have been coffee houses as far back as the 1800s – but today’s booming trade in the ubiquitous bean has truly moved the coffee shop to preferred choice for a meeting place, both for unwinding and for business. Young professionals prefer the ambience of the coffee shop to the dreary environment of a boardroom or office. Taking meetings out of the formal arena and into the relaxed, social environment of the coffee shop helps to foster more creativity and engagement from a business perspective. It seems that business and the bean are best buddies!

But how does the coffee shop polish its brand in a city bursting with competitive spaces? The variety of coffees offered is one thing, the good food additions are another – but the most important key to these popular gathering points is the ambience created by the décor.

The scope of décor

There is no one décor that fits all coffee shops. No, their attraction lies in the different experience provided by individual coffee shops. Décor falls into three major areas, with many variations on a theme

Shabby Chic: Women particularly love this one. There is a mish-mash of seating arrangements from antique-looking couches to small, wrought iron tables and chairs, a deli area full of delightful packets and tins to take home, and old pictures and touches of lace and pearls. This is a place to linger, relax and connect with old friends. 

Metal and mood: Modern, utility look with strategic lighting. Everything is textured – from the walls to the metal-topped tables. Shiny, edgy, industrial. The feeling is modern, purposeful, high quality, and focused engagement. This is truly the place of the young professional or the freelancer looking for stimulation and the confident injection of other sharp minds. 

Fresh and green: Open, clear, clean-cut spaces with comfortable wooden seating, plenty of plants around, elegance and art in a discreet mix of textures and pale colours. There is business to discuss here but the clarity of lighting exudes quality, freshness and most importantly, good health. 

The importance of décor

  • Cosy is key. Ambience is everything. The way people feel within the confines of the shop is as important as the taste of the coffee. Let’s face it: coffee in the right décor can lift the spirits and send you out feeling way more positive than you might have been going in. The interior creates a visual impact, an identity portrayed in such a way that people feel immediately comfortable and encouraged to return again and again.
  • Decoration of these spaces is a work of art. A mood mover. The type of furniture and its specific placing, together with lighting, walls, textures and colours, creates a feeling that should relax and enhance perceptions and connections, both to the surroundings and the social engagement taking place.
  • In fact, creating these interiors is so important that there are interior designers in the market who offer designing cafes as their speciality. They understand the menu, mood, the expectations, and the trends; and they design effectively according to the desired look and the budget, always remembering that everything in the café affects the perception of the customer.
  • Interior design is not limited solely to the décor, but also includes crockery, food presentation, table settings, and even the costumes of the staff. Everything has a different effect on the customer’s mind. Coffee shops have become almost an entertainment in themselves, vying for attention it seems with startlingly different décor and experiences, exploring themes to constantly attract attention and create feelings of comfort.

  • Good design is the secret to attracting attention, flaunting a different approach, maintaining interest, and giving the customer feelings of motivation, clarity and connection. An interesting menu will complement the décor: smart, elegant, heavenly tasting with a fresh effect. The décor entices, but should not be let down by the food or the service.
  • Décor in any coffee shop should present: individuality; personal attention; a relaxed, informal space; sociability; flexibility; a sense of global camaraderie; variety; friendliness; an upmarket vibe.


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