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Showhouse and Home Interiors: tips and tricks to be the most impressive

San-Marié Vogel
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Bringing any house into the light in order to present it at its best may not necessarily prove to be an expensive exercise. What you really need is vision and imagination – and a canny knowledge of light and perspective. Here are some tips and tricks to assure that any house on display will show its best features and highlight every advantage:

A range of tips

Airy, open space
Making the interior of the house appear larger is key. And one of the biggest factors affecting space can be doors. They take up a large amount of space without us realising it. Put in sliding doors if you must have a door – but where you can, take the doors away entirely. Archways are a good way to go to create division, yet leave space.

The furniture fix

Keeping the rooms minimally decorated is the best way to show off the potential of a showhouse. With less furniture in each room, you again create a feeling of space and calm. It also makes it easier for buyers to mentally envision their own furniture in those spaces, immediately giving a powerful sense of home creation.

Multi-function space

It is becoming more common to have a kitchen, dining and living all in one open plan. This may be costly to effect in a home that does not have this feature, but sometimes it can be more easily effected that one realises. Open plan does tend to enhance the home because it saves space that would normally be taken up by walls and doors. It gives the viewer a sweeping, quick overview of a home’s potential, which is always more easily represented in the living areas.

Keep to the light

There’s nothing worse than walking into a dimly lit house. One gets the impression of pokiness and dusty shadows. So, light up the house – pale walls, light curtains or shutters. In any well-designed house, windows should be strategically placed so that light shines through and is reflected off the walls. Even if the house is compact, there will be an illusion of space.

Glass and chrome

Whatever the fashion, the use of glass and chrome does add the light in a room and also gives greater sense of space. A glass-topped dining table looks as though it is hardly there and there is no ‘broken’ view of the room. With the shine of chrome there is always the feeling that the furniture is brand new.

Carpet uniformity

The flooring is as crucial as the wall for ensuring light and spaciousness. It’s best to use the same plain, light coloured carpets or tiles throughout the house to give the impression of space. Patterns should preferably be muted or avoided.

Quality of finish
Show houses have to display the best in finishes. There are many people examining a showhouse at any one time, and you will have to appeal to the most discerning. Finishes should give the impression of the latest fashion, style and of durability. Good finishes give a house a look of elegance and sophistication.

Paying attention to opening up space in the garden is just as important as creating space in the house. Landscaping is a good way to set up flower beds, lawns and features that enhance a feeling of openness and orderliness. This can be done over a few months and need not cost a fortune, but can hugely improve the look of the house.


A range of tricks

Declutter: Get rid of junk. Once you start clearing out, you will be amazed at the space you will open up – not to mention discovering a vast amount of things you don’t really need!

Capture the light. A mirror will immediately add space by reflecting light and volume, making the room appear larger.

Lamps and candles:
Adding warmth. Lamps add a comforting glow to any room. Strategically spaced, they highlight special nooks and provide a homely feel. Candles give the effect of an occasion, a sense of cosy warmth on long evenings, whether used indoors or outdoors. Like a fire, they provide a sense of intimacy and invite conversation.

Find a way to hide unsightly wires. There’s nothing worse than unruly webs of wires lying around any technical equipment. Try your hardware store for neat wire holders, get extra plugs, get in a professional to help you reorganise your wiring for tidiness.

Door and drawer handles:
There’s nothing worse than old, worn or even broken handles. And they are so easy to fix. Give your doors a new look, facelift an old chest of drawers, and even give your kitchen a flashy new look, simply by changing the handles.

The look of class and care:
Simple things like the change of cushion covers, the addition of flowers or a throw, will lift the whole look of a room. Even reframing old pictures can introduce a modern, fresh look.

Why not take something with value as a good inheritance piece and have it restored to its former glory? Or browse bric-a-brac stores, house clearance warehouses and charity shops where you can pick up something amazing and perfect for your house; an item of joy which, once painstakingly re-crafted to its original design, will add an attractive point of pride and conversation to your home. For our latest showhouse interior design project here.

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